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Greetings from Choice Mobile Labs, your local reliable and dependable Concierge Mobile Phlebotomy company. Choice Mobile Labs goal is to tighten the gap between wellness care and convenience.To be able to provide blood testing and other services to our community that we could not only utilize but depend on is essential to our agenda. I realized, in 6 years of involvement in healthcare, a space needed to be filled. Blood work ordered by a physician is the most important section of a diagnosis. Blood testing tells a doctor what exactly is going on within a person’s internal system. Due to recent worldwide events, most people are not comfortable being crammed in a crowded office and long wait times at your local laboratory. A simpler and safer way to take care of the phlebotomy needs of you and your loved ones should be available. This will give you the birth of Choice Mobile Labs.

When Choice Mobile Labs are invited into your homes and businesses, we accept this privilege with absolute gratitude. Providing you with at home blood testing, we are not only concerned with professional service but also compassionate,and comfortable care with each service. Choice Mobile Labs believes that patient satisfaction is top tier in healthcare and can assure we will continue to provide our convenient services with these values in mind.

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Choose Mobile Phlebotomy

Choice Mobile Labs eliminates the hassle of commuting to and from various laboratories and specialty offices. We believe patients should no longer have to spend hours waiting in corporate labs to draw their blood. With the safety and convenience of Choice Mobile Labs, transportation will not be an issue. We work hard to put time back into the patient’s/practitioner’s hands. With friendly staff and specialists, our company performs testing on patients of all ages. The unique aspect of this company is that we are a mobile service who travels around Greater Los Angeles County!

Mobile phlebotomy services are necessary when an individual needs his blood sample collected, but he or she cannot make it to a laboratory or hospital. A phlebotomist will then be invited to the location of said person to draw the blood sample and transport it back to the laboratory for examination. In essence, we bring the lab to you. There are several people who benefit from our services including people who are homebound. For instance the busy professionals , the aged, those who are physically challenged or those who are immunocompromised . People in the latter group include those with pulmonary edema, those with severe iron deficiency, those who are prone to blood clots and are prescribed coumadin requiring regular blood testing, patients needing ALT (Alanine transaminase)testing , CBC testing and so on.

Mobile phlebotomy services include: collecting blood samples from individuals. Phlebotomy has to be carefully done in a hygienic environment and all equipment used has to be sterile. Proper identification and labeling of the samples collected. Strict protocol measures are taken to ensure that the results derived will belong to the correct individuals. Appropriate records should be kept indicating the identity of the individual, the tests done and samples collected. Transporting the samples to a laboratory for analysis. Again the samples should be hygienically transported with the utmost care being taken to avoid any contamination so that the validity of the tests is upheld. Collection and transportation of other specimens apart from blood e.g. urine or stool samples. Sometimes, mobile phlebotomists may perform onsite tests including checking the blood pressure, electrolyte testing, cholesterol testing, testing of blood sugar levels and creatine testing. In some cases, these do not have to be done in a hospital.

Mobile phlebotomists have to ensure that professionalism is maintained throughout the procedure. Correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is to be used to protect themselves, the individuals and the specimen. The equipment must be properly maintained as well.

There are many advantages to receiving mobile phlebotomy services. This includes the fact that they are convenient and affordable and they offer a high degree of privacy to their clients. Mobile Phlebotomy services drastically decrease exposure to potential antigens and bacteria.

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I started in healthcare at the young age of 12 when my grandmother’s health began to drastically decline. With the help of my grandfather I learned to care for my grandma day and night assisting with daily living activities such as preparing breakfast, medication monitoring as well as medication administration , to name a few. Years later I went on to become a caregiver as a career, where I soon realized my passion for serving people. My previous plan was to continue my education of becoming a nurse in the specialty of plastic surgery and cosmetics. As I was partaking in the prerequisites I decided to add to my credentials and take a phlebotomy course. Being in college full time during the day and night school on a separate campus for certified phlebotomy technicians was all a part of a bigger plan that I did not know at the time. I started off in phlebotomy working in one of the top accredited corporate laboratories worldwide. In doing so, I soon realized the need for great phlebotomists! I took my time learning the field, I dabbled in different environments drawing blood in various medical industries until the disconnect from laboratories and patient needs became too much. It was time for a change. Choice Mobile Labs was born!

-Naujai King  CPT 1

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